Societal Perceptions Book Reviews

Customer Review 1

"As a future social worker, this book is very beneficial to read. Social workers deal with many different areas of society, being aware of misconceptions is extremely important. Ms. McEachern did a great job at bringing to light issues that are often ignored by many. Often issues such as the ones mentioned in this book are not discussed in order to avoid conflict between different opinions. I strongly believe it is important to have a voice in such issues; I commend Ms. McEachern for her bravery in publishing such a great book. To be a good social worker one must be aware of their self. One of my favorite points in this book is that Ms. McEachern urges people to be aware of their actions and thoughts on varies subjects she does so in such a great way. Each chapter in this book speaks on controversial subjects and even some that not many are aware of because they are possibly not affected by the misconceptions. Minorities, sexual, orientation, and religion are subjects commonly discussed in diversity courses but they are never discussed in much depth due to the sensitivity of the subjects. Ms. McEachern did a fantastic job at going above and beyond and not only discussing the basics. Not only as a social worker is this book important to read but in any profession where one works within society. I believe in order to work with people one must be able to understand one self in order to understand others. In this book the author does a great job at making that clear. I know each one of my clients will be able to relate to at least one of these issues discussed in this book, being informed and aware of misconceptions is the only way I can provide the best services possible. I would definitely recommend this book not only to my fellow social workers but also to anyone who is in a helping profession and is open to learn and become aware."

Customer Review 2

"As a current MSW student, I found your book to be very informational. I was able to relate things I have learned in my classes throughout this semester to viewpoints that you stated in your book. It is very important to remember that social workers are advocates for individuals just as you have been. The 25 points you dedicated your book to are key things important for social workers to remember when they are working with their clients. We must change our thinking and actions as you stated to be able to make the changes that should be made in society. Change must begin within ourselves. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and the information you included in it since I am able to really think about the things you are talking about."

Customer Review 3

“As a MSW student and future social worker this book was extremely beneficial to me. Ms. McEachern did a great job of bringing up very serious issues that are often hidden and not talked about. Social workers must interact with the society and be open and knowledgeable to all races and religions. Ms. McEachern really helped me clearly see that discrimination and racism are a serious problem in today's society. She did a wonderful job at showing that in order to help others you must first understand and help yourself. This book could be beneficial in other professions as well. It really opened my eyes to a new perspective on discrimination. Ms. McEachern stated some very strong and important points throughout this book.”

Customer Review 4

“This book was a really good read! I decided to read it because I am in the social work field and it was extremely beneficial for me. She did a great job of bringing attention to some societal issues that aren't always easy to talk about. She was very straight forward and easy to understand! I really have never read anything that explained our societal issues the way that she did. It gives everyone a different view on how people's different opinions can affect others and how we should deal with different opinions. She talks about Learned Behaviors in relation to experiences in society and how people understand. I thought this chapter was extremely beneficial when it comes to understanding others perceptions and where they learned their information from. She spoke about parenting and how it is a learned behavior, and if your parents raised you one way and someone else was raised differently then the two of you will more than likely have different opinions on what is considered offensive to you. She did such a good job of explaining differences in people and why we are the way we are! Great read and very informative! I would recommend this book 100%, especially for Social Workers!”

Customer Review 5

“Societal Perceptions is a personal and in depth look at the effects of racism in everyday life and the world around us. I have been allowed through my schooling to process my feelings and biases on this complex subject. Reading McEachern’s words pushed me forward in my process of dealing with racism. It became less about my feelings and more about pushing myself out of my comfort zone and have difficult conversations with people I might not typically talk to about this subject. I had a conversation at work after reading this book with a young Caucasian women, about race and her naïve thoughts on the subject startled me and showed me just how real McEachern’s writing were. I asked my co-worker if she felt our African American counterpart would feel the same way as her and he happily joined the conversation, and shared his personal and powerful views on the subject. I was deeply inspired by this book to begin to make change in the world around me though the people I have the opportunities to speak with. I felt like the conversation I had was not only productive and insightful but was filled with McEachern’s deep and profound thoughts that saturate her work. I highly recommend this book. I think it would be a productive text for College or high school courses or even used in the workplace. Overall, this is a great and powerful book.”

Customer Review 6

“Societal Perceptions is a wonderful and enlightening read for those that are going into the social work practice, or even for those who want to practice anything that will deal with different diversities. Which, are most professions. Societal Perceptions opens the eyes of the reader into many different bias' and perceptions that people have about different races and ethnicities, because there are a lot of people who don't realize these things of themselves. So, in my opinion it is a good book to help any person notice their own bias' and prejudices. As a MSW student working toward going into the social work practice, this book meant a lot to me and helped me see some of my own bias' like I mentioned would do to anyone that decided to read it. It was a strong narrative that helped me identify who I am on another level and helped me see some of the things I need to work on for myself. While reading, I had to ask myself a lot of questions and take time to figure out the answers as well. Some of it was a struggle to get through due to the harshness of the world around us, but I did with a strong heart and mind. McEachern makes people aware of what's going on around us and pushes us to think about our thoughts and actions so that we can carry out a better way of helping people.”

Customer Review 7

“Societal perceptions was a very beneficial read for me. Because I am in the social work profession, I am constantly going to be confronted with issues discussed in this book. This book opened my eyes to the bias and discrimination in professional settings, and it also helped me to self reflect on my personal biases and opinions. The "white privilege" and "media" chapters were the most informative to me. In the white privilege chapter McEachern states, "Race is not the only privilege people have. There are additional privileges such as age, living without a disability, gender, sexual orientation and being right handed." This sentence was profound for me and I believe it encompasses societal privileges as a whole. I also like how she talked about the media defining what is expected within cultural norms. I think this is so true in today's society. I believe this book outlines changes that need to take place in our society. This book is a must read for all social workers. It tells us how to respect others opinions, and how we should convey ours. I loved reading this book from the author's point of view! She articulated her feelings in a professional and easy to understand way, great book!”

Customer Review 8

“I am currently working towards my Masters in Social Work. For the first time, I am being confronted with the differences that all people have. Societal Perceptions really helped me to identify my own biases and truly work towards trying to change them. “White privilege” was the portion I most identified with as being an issue that I never saw before. I realized how important it is to be aware of your own actions and judgments towards others so you are able to be completely non-biased with my future clients. I believe that change in the world begins with me.  This is a great read and I would recommend it to all people, regardless of profession. It really changes the way you look at all situations. She touches on so many subjects and it was a very interesting approach. I found this to be more helpful in discussing and appreciating diversity more than classes that have been developed for that purpose. This book should be a mandatory read for diversity classes!”

Customer Review 9

“Societal Perceptions was a great read for me, as it provided me insight of my own bias, and pushed me to walk in truth about issues in society. McEachern delivers an honest and powerful message of how individually we must strive to be better and do better by each other. While pursuing my graduate degree in social work I have referenced McEachern’s work in several of my written assignments, as I feel she provides a refreshing outlook on the many issues that society is currently dealing with. I highly recommend this book as it has made me consciously aware of ongoing issues such as racism, classism, and sexism.”

Customer Review 10

“This book was extremely well-written, and paints a very accurate picture of what the title states: "Societal Perceptions." Many of the stories shared, I have lived myself, not just in college/grad school, but also from elementary through high school. The real-life scenarios (my favorite parts) were very thought-provoking, and Jessica did not bite her tongue. I hope more enjoy this book, especially social workers since this is what we deal with on a day-to-day basis. Thank you!”

Customer Review 11

“Jessica McEachern has written an astounding book titled "Societal Perceptions." Societal Perceptions is a book that not only looks at social issues, politics, cultural norms and race relations, but also discusses dating, relationships, marriage, Motherhood, Fatherhood, gender roles, family, planned parenthood, discipline, adultery, divorce and adoption. The author discusses parenting styles, discipline, indicators of domestic violence and the impact of domestic violence on children. The information about domestic violence was educational. As a reader, I was able to visualize what victims and children within abusive homes experience and the long term trauma that results from ongoing cycles of abuse. The author provides insight into power and control. The author does a wonderful job outlining behaviors of victims and perpetrators as well as how exposure to domestic violence distresses children. The author encourages readers to examine healthy relationships in comparison to dysfunctional relationships. The questions asked throughout the book urge readers to think about the rationale behind behavior and choices. I recommend this book to everyone because the book is very insightful about an array of subjects.”

Customer Review 12

“Societal Perceptions by Jessica McEachern is a great tool for discussion on radio, television, blogs, forums and educational settings. The book can be incorporated into curriculums that provide education on cultural competency and diversity. The book is written from the perspective of a woman of color, but written for women, men, individuals, professionals, educators, communities, organizations, parents, institutions and systems. The book challenges behaviors and thinking about the very topics that are continually trending on social media and the news. This particular book explores violence, laws, human rights, politics, religion, complexions, family dynamics, privilege and cultural differences in a way that many are hesitant to do. The author courageously walks readers through true occurrences in hopes of helping readers relate while also assessing how things can be done differently. The issues that athletes are “taking a knee” to bring awareness towards are some of the very issues that are discussed throughout the book. The book challenges readers to look at injustice and inequality from a different perspective to ultimately bring about change for the betterment of society.”

Customer Review 13

“The book Societal Perceptions written by Author and Publisher Jessica McEachern, MA, MSW, is a book that everyone should read to gain insight into stereotypes, biases and misconceptions in relation to issues that are prevalent within society.  The book is a resource to have discussion about topics that are difficult to discuss. Some of the topics include parenting, domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health, education, poverty, athletics, sexuality, policing and race relations.  The book examines how environment, learned behavior, experiences, policy, history, music, television and media impact views, individuals, communities, systems and relationships.  Societal Perceptions looks at the importance of cultural competency, cultural differences, diversity, unity, culture, justice, fairness, equality, inclusion and change. I learned a lot from the book.  The book helped me look at my thoughts and behaviors as well as views that may be influenced by bias, stereotypes, misperceptions, misunderstanding, or miscommunication.  The book is a good read and a must read.”